Hairline – Hair Serum for Women

Hairline Hair Serum for Women

It has been specially developed for women against increased hair loss due to strese and external factors and it is suitable for different levels of hair loss.

The active ingredients reactivate hair growth and act on hair follicles and fibroblasts to slow hair loss.

While fighting against the aging of the hair, it strengthens the weakened hair.

It increases the energy of the stem cells and regains the natural balance of the head skin.

Helps to stimulate cellular metabolism and accelerate microcirculation.

Nourishes, strengthens and intensifies thin and weak hair strands by acting on hair roots.

It relieves the irritation and tenderness that occurs in the scalp, helps to relieve the hair follicles.

Fights against hair loss and increases the hair quality.


• Use itsAfter shampoo, Apply to towel-dried hair.

• Spread it through the entire scalp by massage.

• Do not rinse.

For best results, we recommend two applications per day for 8 weeks.

For maximum effect, we recommend extending your use up to 3 months.

Repeat the therapy twice a year.