Farmanit – Head Lice & Vinegar Treatment

Farmanit Sprey

Head Lice & Vinegar Treatment

It is produced with a brand new formula that prevents hair lice from being a nightmare.

It does not contain pesticides.

It closes the respiratory tract of the lice mechanically and acts by providing airlessness, kills in 15 minutes.

It does not harm the scalp and hair.

It is odorless and colorless, does not leave any smell after application.

The application is easy, the dosage can be adjusted by the spray and it can be applied exactly in the area required.



• Apply it to your dry hair and hair follicle at a distance of 10 cm. Spray in sufficient quantity and in the same amount as each zone.

• Make sure that it contacts The bottom of each of your contacts instead of hair and hair, make sure your hair absorb the solution.

• Leave a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes after spraying is finished. Scratch with comb and wash with shampoo and warm water, dry at the end of the wash. Check regularly on the next days for the presence of lice or hair vetches in your hair or hair follicles.

If you see any new bits, repeat the whole process.