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Elipse Exotic Therapy

Shower Gel

Offering advanced cleansing skin care with a refreshing and soothing effect.

The product, which is compatible with the skin pH value, performs intensive moisturizing care without drying or irritating the skin.

Provides the care that your skin needs while increasing your bathroom enjoyment.

It allows you to relax by keeping your skin soft after a bath.

Provides a high level of hygiene with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.

It leaves a pleasant and fresh scent on your skin.

Elipse Exotic Therapy

Body Lotion

It is an ideal product to get rid of scratches that may occur on the skin after bathing.

Its natural oils add elasticity and softness to the skin.

The product that can be used at the desired frequency is an ideal care cream.

Reduce skin dryness from day to day by preventing skin from moisture loss.

It helps to prevent itching and irritation caused by dryness.

Developed for all types of skins.

Provides silky & moisturizing skin care, gives a velvety feel.

It leaves a pleasant scent on the skin.

Elipse Exotic Therapy

Body Mist

It is a body mist with a light texture that moisturizes the skin and gives a nice smell.

It can be applied to the whole body or desired regions.

It is quickly absorbed and moisturizes the skin all day long.

Can be use as a body lotion.

Suitable for all types of skin.

Elipse Exotic Therapy

Bath Salt

Calms and relaxes muscles.

Tired body and feet are affected by the therapeutic effect.

Reduces stress by regulating the energy flow of the body.

It is a perfect blend that provides pH balance.

Provide body balance, relax and calm the body.

Its an Alkali mineral bath salt.