About us

About us

Nur Kozmetik has more than 30 years of experience in production and export and has been presenting to the market with high standard and quality products that are needed by cosmetics and health sector for years. Our company first started producing shampoos, hair creams and jellies, and in the past years we have expanded our product scale by following developments and trends in cosmetics in the world. In this process, R & D activities have also been improved and new products have been added to the production line in line with consumer needs. In 2010, the production of the medical device department started and production started. Our company manufactures in accordance with GMP, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 13485: 2003 quality systems.

Nur Kozmetik manufactures all its products in a modern production facility located in İkitelli Organize Sanayi region and continuously develops products in every field of cosmetics. The company is an innovative and leading company in the industry. Research and development, planning, production, logistics and support are managed and carried out by highly qualified personnel who are experts in all activities.

Production activities are carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in Turkey and in accordance with the standards and regulations that are put into effect by the European Union.

In addition to the products belonging to our own brands in the production facility, private label / fason production is also performed for many national and international companies.

Our Mission

By developing our R&D activities, we offer safe products to consumers and increase our production performance without sacrificing quality. To follow and apply the trends and innovations in the sector, to produce products that comply with national and international standards and contribute to human health. Creating relationships that add long-term value to our suppliers. To establish and maintain a mutual trust and respect based relationship with our customers and to always taste customer satisfaction on the front. To evaluate the needs and expectations of our customers in an accurate and effective manner. To continue our work that does not compromise on quality, collecting, environmentally sensitive, value to employees, customer and consumer focused.

Our Vision

Cosmetics, Dermocosmetics and Medical Devices, and O.T.C. To develop new products for the firm and consumers we work with by closely following the developments in the products and the newly developed raw materials, to give the best quality product with the best quality product giving importance to R & D studies and innovation activities. We are on our way to becoming a company that satisfies our consumers, our customers and our employees.

Our aim; Our company, which has a long history in the cosmetics and medical products sector, adapts to the changing and development process in the sector and sets the standards, and presents a wide range of products and brands in a wide range of products.

Our target; Continue to develop in the sectors we produce with our experience and experience from the past. To be an international Turkish company which is to increase its product range every year by producing products with high quality standards by giving importance to innovation and innovation.